Foule, dès 2011

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Cyril Porchet, Foule, dès 2011

Like a cellular organism growing and developing according to its genetic code, a crowd structures itself spontaneously. Emotions get manifested in an amplified, and even violent way. There is a moment of excitation when individuals melt together into a homogeneous human mass. Individual personalities become parts of a complex body that takes on the rhythms of spectacle. This mass begins to move, and comes to life in a kind of slow undulation. These vibrations form a wave made up of signs and sounds.


Cyril Porchet
(1984, Lausanne) lebt und arbeitet in Lausanne
Er schloss 2009 den Bachelor und 2011 den Master an der Haute école d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) ab. Diverse Ausstellungen in der Schweiz und in Europa. 2010 und 2012 war er Empfänger des Swiss Federal Award.

Courtesy Cyril Porchet & Galerie Christophe Gerber